Sunday 7 November 2010

Post Card Swap - multi tasking

I'm in two more postcard swaps this month (as well as the black and white one!) and the themes are Windows and Home. I've decided they are related enough that one design will do for both swaps.

So imagine, if you will, there is a thunderstorm, and you are a cat - the best place to watch is from a window, at home (smug face)

And to make it look more like home, there has to be curtains eh?

Husband is concerned that the postcard may not be accepted by the post office, so I may have to masking tape down the curtains for posting :-(


  1. Love it - particularly the yellow cat, without the curtains. Clever girl! xxx

  2. That is a very cute postcard. THings like that make me want to do it also --- but should I add something else to my list? Oh well----


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