Monday 15 November 2010

Candle Christmas Tree Quilt - bleugh

I KNOW that green and blue are next to each other on the colour wheel, and I even had Plum warn me (and Kate prove to me) that dark green and dark blue don't contrast well, but for some reason I chose to ignore all this and expected my dark green tree and dark blue sky to work well together.

Possibly this is because I have invested hours and hours in sewing 1.5 inch squares together for the sky - approximately 500 of the blinking things, all hand sewn in a strip, and they jolly well SHOULD look good together. It isn't too bad lit up by the camera's flash, but I can see that I will have to start on the sky again (light blue this time) and use the current sky on some other project, but I have to say I am a tad pi$$ed off!

(Oh, and also I forgot to put the top triangle on the tree, that will happen - I have LOADS of green strips, chunks and crumbs on the work desk!)


  1. You make me laugh. You remind me of myself. I get pissed and discouraged and leave the sewing room for the rest of the day sometimes.

    Other days, things go exactly as planned. :)

  2. Hello! I think it's very good know what I do in this kind of situation...I try to have 'a new idea'! Perhaps I feel difficult to leave my first idea and that's why I try to find an other way to fix it. Your sky is wonderful and I don't know if you should change it...could you perhaps give some white snow over the tree...I know that you have so much more experience than me!... so it's going to be lovely how ever you finish it!
    Best wishes Teje
    Ps. waiting to see this quilt finished!

  3. I actually think that it doesn't look too bad, Benta - and I love your background 'fade'! It might depend where you plan to hang it though, as I can see that in a dimly lit corner the contrast might be lost.

    Oh well, put it down to experience, pick yourself up, and congratulate yourself on having two WIP's now, even if you don't know what one of them will become!


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