Thursday 25 November 2010

Busy Day

As I have managed to get Thursdays as a not-employed day, I bounce from a packed Thursday (visiting mum, Lisa, or whoever) to a nothing-at-all-in-the-diary Thursday - and today was one of those!

I've upgraded two sets of blocks into flimsies,

I've got my BQL Secret Santa packages ready to go,

I've done one named fleece blanket, and the next one is on the machine

And baby Hobby's flimsy is as ready as it can be, just waiting for his name

And added later ...

Another three fleeces, hot off the embroidery machine

and another flimsy (I think this one was started about 7 years ago, next stash splurge will see it becoming a charity quilt I think!)

And best of all, STILL no one else is home so I can have a go at stitching out India's rainbow that I've digitised :-) rather than thinking about dinner - yippee

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