Thursday 11 November 2010

Rural Jardin Jelly Roll

Jackie and I both got a free Moda Rural Jardin jelly roll when we signed up for a year's subscription for Popular Patchwork at the festival of quilts in August.

Mine has been sat on a shelf while I drooled over it, and waited for inspiration. As I surfed around blogland I saw a number of designs that would work, but this morning, with some help from an inspirational email (thank you Victoria) decided on a sort of rail fence design.

I joined the strips into pairs: a light with darker, keeping reds with reds and blues with blues.

And then ironed them

I then cut the selvedge to selvedge units into 9 inch units

and started to play around with them

I tried using 'twins' in a mirror image,

and tried dissimilar pairs so it looks woven, and finally decided this was the way I wanted to go.

I am going to be brave, and have my first go at setting these blocks on point (diagonally).

I was just about to start cutting some squares into triangles for the corners, when I realised they weren't actually square - they had ended up 8.5 x 9 inches. (grrrrr)

So I have put them aside for today, and will get back to them tomorrow night.

By the way, I am L-O-V-I-N-G the Moda fabric - it's the first time I have used it, and it's lovely to work with and so soft.

, if you prefer the first layout, don't tell me, it's too late.
Jackie: Jardin is French for garden ... I reckon working with this fabric counts as horticultural homework?


  1. Love it! I know what you mean about getting frustrated when things don't end up the size they were supposed to be! Sometimes putting it away for a day can make it all better.

    I hope things go better tomorrow. :)

  2. Hello! I think this way your quilt is going to be beautiful! Also your last post was wonderful! I love the the colours and combinations how you use them!
    I was so happily suprised I found Nero's blog on your list! Thank you very much!!! I shall have you also on mine - you give me inspiration for 'patching'!
    Wishes from rainy Crete! Teje

  3. I will come back to see how you finish this quilt. It looks very promising.

  4. Don't worry - I think it looks lovely. Love the colours xxx

  5. Now had you left a note at Stash Manicure I would have been here a long time ago lol...I do check everyone who leaves comments for future guest...Do you have a follower list?
    Great idea for the jelly the progress... saw your note to Sherri. that is one list you want on your roll. blog that is lol. nice to see you SliK...that name suits you to a T.

  6. ohhh found your button..see..joined..would have sooner had I known you lol

  7. Benta this is lovely! Thanks for sharing the story of your blog name in answer to my post. It's always interesting to hear how names came about

  8. Love the design and now that i know it is really horticulture homework I shall set about deciding what to do with it.


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