Sunday 1 January 2012

A finish, an Ooops, and an off!

The Finish:
This pinwheel quilt was almost finished before I went to Oz - just needed the binding to be hand stitched.    Yay - now finished!  This will go to my friend Sue who had breast cancer 15 years ago.  She fund raises at school each year for the local Breast Centre Unit, the Parapet, in Windsor, and calls the fund raising Pink Day - so I thought this would be suitable for her raffle!

The Ooops:
I tried to finish the Christmas tree Jackie sent me last year . .  I had sewn on the decorations, and stuffed it

but didn't consider that the 'branches' would then scrunch together, and all decorations near the middle would vanish into what the family kindly described as tree-bum-cheeks
Drat!  I now need to unpick and move 3/4 of the decorations - that might be a job for next Christmas!

And the Off
I did get all the Fat Quarter bags wrapped up ready for posting

And had great fun taking apart blingy key rings (left), and turning them into crafty key rings (right) - I wish I'd bought some more, does anyone know where they sell them in the UK?


  1. Lovely quilt - well done. I am so excited seeing the envelopes - and one may have my name on it! xx

  2. Had to laugh at your tree. That was my first thought, like getting your undies in a bunch in your butt, lol. The key ring things are clever.

  3. Oh dear those tree-butts are a classic!!
    No clue on the keyrings :(

  4. Hi Benta! That quilt is beautiful and perfect fabrics! How wonderful and funny Christmas tree! I can see that one envelope writes Gree... Thank you so much Benta!
    xxx Teje

  5. Fab finish, trying not to LOL at the tree bum cheeks, and yay on the parcels. Happy new year!

  6. Lovely quilt B! And a good laugh at the bum cheek tree. Bless!

  7. I love the pinwheel quilt! Sorry the tree has proved challenging LOL!

  8. That quilt is lovely. Perfect for the fundraiser. The tree butts made me laugh so thank you for that. I like the blingy key rings! Cute

  9. A sort of "does my tree look big in this?" moment then? Like the crafty keyrings but can't help with sources for the thingys you need.


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