Tuesday 24 January 2012

Henry and Harry

After saying some rude words over Henry's quilt, (and virtually no sympathy at all from my bloggy buddies, so glad I was able to entertain you all!) I am now making Harry's quilt

I do like random quilts, but I'm not capable of making one, I think because I approach quilting mathematically.  So I have discovered a way (and an easy way at that) of making a random top:  I  made up 27 squares all at 6.5 inches.  Some were just one fabric, a few were HSTs, a few were pinwheels, a few were 9 patches, and a few other ideas got chucked in too.

I made up larger 9 patches, using the pieced squares in the 4 corners, and the plainer pieces as the 5 that make up the +

 Then I cut the 9 patch into 4 equal parts (Disappearing 9 Patch)

 And then I can put the back together and I have a random quilt, or an Orphan D9P

Hopefully tomorrow all 12 new blocks will be stitched together - with quilting on Thursday, binding on Friday, and delivery on Saturday . . . isn't working to a deadline fun?


  1. Well done you! This will look lovely, and I'm sure that it will be well received!

  2. Now say after me ...HARRY, HARRY, HARRY!!!!! xx

  3. Love the pattern Benta and apologies for lack of empathy! But it was funny!

    Hey I broke my car key in the lock of my car 4 miles from home! Haha! Can laugh now but it sure wasn't funny at the time!

  4. Hee hee, sorry, still giggling. Glad you've worked through it though :oD

  5. Oh, thanks for sharing this post. I've been pondering the same type of approach to "random" but hadn't been brave enough to try it yet. You inspire


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