Thursday 19 January 2012

What to do next: Groups, swaps and charities

Lots of very exciting groups have started up this year:

Hadley and friends are running a swap they are calling Mouthy Stitchers - they are encouraging lots of chat via Flickr as each member makes a purse for a randomly allocated victim

Sarah is hosting the Stained Glass Quilt Along that I have decided to have a go at:

I'm getting so little sewing time at the moment, and I'm getting behind with blogging, blog reading, and emails, so I have decided not to join Hadley's, much as I'd love to.  I know that's I'd either not be as chatty as the group would like, or I'd let other stuff slip, and risk resenting the swap

However, I am going to have a go at a suggestion from Annabelle at Annabelle Serendipity.  She has blogged about Blankets of Love . . . [copied straight from her blog, hope you don't mind Annabelle]

In 1992 a charity was set up in Australia by two sisters, one a midwife and the other a quilter, the aim of which was to provide grieving parents with a special quilted memento of the child they lost. This lovely idea then spread all around the world and is now followed in almost all neo-natal wards.

The quilts requested are to be 'nappy' sized - approximately twenty-four inches square, extremely soft and extra special. The quilt is then tagged with a label provided by the charity.

If you would like to take part in this worthwhile project do contact The Child Bereavement Charity - Blankets Of  Love via Julie Cullingworth on 01494 568917.

And this is something I will be making quilts for.


  1. There do seem to be lots of 'a-longs' and BOMS and other challenges going on at the moment, don't there? I wish that I had time to sign up for more, but I can't seem to squeeze more time to manage them either. Looking forward to seeing your stained glass as it comes along.....

  2. The stained glass sounds very interesting. There aren't enough hours in the day to do all the sewing we would love to do!

  3. This is very tempting to do, but then there are the UFOs.


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