Friday 27 January 2012


Harry's quilt has been finished, and the accompanying fleece blanket, and the customer has seen this photo, and is happy - phew!

Good night


  1. Heh, I have a feeling that if she weren't happy after all that, she might have been wearing that blanket round her neck ;o)

  2. Wow-- that was a quick turnaround! I will keep my ears open for any baby Henry's on this end! (Perhaps you should start reading birth announcements-- just kidding!) I could so easily see how one (or at least me) could mix those names up! Glad its straightened out-- so you can focus on other quilty matters!

  3. Oh thank goodness they didn't decide they wanted blue after all!

  4. Hi Benta! I'm happy for you that you have finished with henries and harries! That quilt and fleece became so beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend! x Teje


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