Thursday 12 January 2012

Following Instructions - Moi?

I'm not a great one for following instructions in any aspect of my life, which has guided my patchworking in certain directions, but I am going to have a go!

The very talented Sarah designed and made this scrummy quilt and is, starting next week, running a blog based class on how to make one. I have all the Australian Aboriginal themed fabrics and a whole load of black that I think will look fab in this design, so I am going to have a go at (gasp) following instructions! I am hoping my love of randomness will overcome my issues with instructions (and if I do things differently in places I'm not sure many people will notice, or care!)

If you fancy joining in, visit Sarah at her blog for details

Stained QAL


  1. I am completely with you on the dislike of instructions. I have a tendency to go off on my own tangent with something completely random! Am glad it's not just me!!

  2. Oh glad to hear you'll be joining in, and no worries, I'm more than happy for you to go off and do your own random thing with it, just show me pictures of it when you're done!

  3. The Aboriginal fabric on the lovely bag you sent me was fantastic and I'm sure would look amazing on this quilt. I can't wait to see it!

  4. Maybe you could start out following the instructions and then see where you end up!

  5. Sounds like a fab way to use that fabric

  6. Am hoping to join in too - but need to get a few other things out of the way first!

    Yours will look fantastic in ozzie fabrics and a great way to remember your trip!


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