Wednesday 18 January 2012

darn darning!

As previously mentioned, I don't knit, but mother does - and is fab at it.

Over the years she has knitted me a number of really warm Norwegian style jumpers.  The most recent one (3 or 4 years ago) is a style called Voss: a place near Bergen where coincidentally my aunt and uncle have a 'hutte' or cottage.  This design would usually be knitted in just two colours, but I couldn't decide!
With the colder weather this last week, I went to get this jumper out of the wardrobe: can you see a problem?

What if I put my finger behind part of it

I am very peeved.  I don't know if I caught it on something and didn't notice, or if I have moths, but I certainly have some darning to do, sigh

I wore this jumper to church on Sunday instead - more traditionally Norwegian.  The scarf isn't traditional at all: it was bought from Holister - in Florida!  It looked fab, but was too thin, so I have lined it with fleece which gives it a better shape, and much warmer

I have managed some sewing: it doesn't look much but, but these 50 or so blocks were last seen laid out on the floor in mum's spare room, where they were pinned together in rows, well now they are stitched together in rows, ready foir ironing and suddenly I have a gazillion more pins that I had yesterday!


  1. My mum is also a knitter extraordinaire... I just wished she'd listened to me complaining about the terrible itch it gave me when I was little (guess what I'm allergic to... ;o) )

    Good luck with the darning!

  2. You are so 'in fashion' with these lovely knits, Do you watch The Killers while wearing them? Also amazed that you could even SEE in Holisters to buy anything - the ones I've visited (and their other partner Abercrombie & Fitch) are so bloody dark that you actually need a torch to shop!

  3. Beautiful woolly pullies and, of course, suit you down to the ground. I used to knit a lot a Fairisle and loved how they were nice and thick because of the way the colours travelled across the back.

  4. I've just popped over to see what the red and strips are for. I love that quilt - it's going to be fab!

  5. Beautiful knitting!!! I can only do simple things, and socks, lol. My mom taught me to embroider, but I self taught knitting.

  6. I love Annabelle's reply!
    Retrieving the pins, good reason to sew!!


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