Wednesday 11 January 2012

work is a four letter word!

Much as I love my job, it is getting in the way of my sewing :-(  I haven't even switched on my sewing machine for over a week, although I did spend last night teaching nephew #2 how to use a sewing machine so he could teach himself book binding (don't ask!)

Anyway, the lovely Fiona has done an article about me on her UK based Sewing Directory website.  Its a great site where you can search for services, courses, people associated with sewing,and she has posted info about all of my Fun With Fabric courses - thanks Fiona.  Why not check out the site!

Tonight I'm clearing the decks so I can sew all weekend!

Hope you have achieved more than I have


  1. I love the dragon in the article. I haven't sewn anything since before Christmas :( I can't wait to get back to it. Hope you have a lovely sewing weekend :)


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