Friday 29 March 2013

17 days, 5 lists, 23 projects, and still counting

I woke this morning thinking "yippee", 17 days off. Then I starting gathering up the lists I've been making for myself, I found 5 so far!

There seem to be 4 groups:
  • Boring paperwork
  • Money earning embroidery
  • Blocks I want to make
  • Other random stuff
And then there are also quilt tops I want to start/ work on / finish. Maybe I need another list, showing what to to each day.

I seem to remember something similar when I was studying for exams (late 1970s!!!!) I spent so long making a coloured revision chart, that the first few days had passed by the time it was finished, so I had the perfect excuse to make a new one!  Maybe Excel will make it easier - maybe I'll go and check!


  1. Too many things to do --ditch the lists.

    That's where I am too.

  2. I'd say, do something fun first (that way you feel like you've spent a little time on your self), do something random next, then move onto the stuff that earns money or is really boring. After all, it is supposed to be a vacation.

  3. Lol, I have lists on whiteboards, also a mix of want to and need to!

  4. Oh I have lists coming out of my ears too xxx

  5. I like lists because they give me something to ignore. But I feel good while I'm making them anyway.


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