Saturday 30 March 2013

Easter List - Day 2

I did do my essay (or at least the first draft) last night, so all 4 items got ticked off yesterday.

Today I can already tick off two boring jobs: sorting the car and invoicing the museum.

I have been thinking about ideas for a House block for Fiona in the Star of Africa Bee, and while I've been doing that I've also been sewing together all the Flirt Tumbler blocks that Jackie sizzixed for me and posted back. 

                                        tick off a third item
                                                  and then shout for joy -

A top that bypassed the UFO pile, and has gone straight to the as-soon-as-the-table-is-clear-I-can-baste-this pile :-) 

But don't hold your breath, husband is using the table as his office, and reckons he might be back in the shed by June!!!!


  1. Time to serve an eviction notice on husband ;o)

  2. That's beautiful Benta! Oh, I hope you find an other table to work! x Teje

  3. Some heating in that shed Benta and you can reclaim your table!

    Those tumblers look great.

  4. You and Mr H are a match made in heaven!

  5. Floor basting? Flimsy looks great - nice fabric line, great blocks! Well done for getting on so well with your Easter list!


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