Saturday 30 March 2013

Why did I start with the fun stuff?

Three creative things on the list for yesterday:
  • EPP triangles sample
  • Fleece Embroidery for a friend at school
  • And a blinking essay that I don't want to do

Guess which ones I did first!

An English Paper Pieced mug rug, with, get me, quilting!

And a logo embroidery for Valerie

Sigh, now the essay!


  1. You only know that you can prevaricate no longer when you have done all the household chores too. When the cupbaord under the sink has been cleaned, it is always time to write an essay / get on with revision / file a tax return!
    Lovely EPP and hand quilting! I hope that the essay is equally good! x

  2. Have you cleaned the oven? That was always the end of the line when I was putting of writing an essay :)


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