Monday 11 March 2013

Hexies and Tumbing Blocks

To follow on from the fabric hexies that were cut on Saturday, I carried on playing with the Sizzix cutter on Sunday, and generated a huge amount of paper hexies, and also tumbling blocks - I LOVE the sizzix, it makes life so easy!

Jackie also helped me sort out how I arrange the hexi-plus-triangles units into a rectangle shape - my spacial awareness is sadly lacking!!! (imagine the white paper triangles are actually red fabric triangles!)

The flight home was delayed, so I started some tacking ;-)


  1. Arrrrh Sizzix hexies are the best, enjoy xxx

  2. Well done on being so productive in the airport! Hexies looking good.

  3. Your sizzix looks amazing, as do the hexies!

  4. Busy again! Projects look fun!

  5. Good to see you weren't sitting around twiddling your thumbs ;o)


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