Friday 29 March 2013

Two off the list

Two things on my list involved blogging about photos, so I can clear them now!

I wanted to share this fab Pied Piper the kids made at school,  He will now be cut out and put back together (a bit like patchwork) then will join the A to Z quilt on the school library wall, followed by a whole load of scrappy rats

Sadly, I wasn't even allowed to get involved so I cant claim any credit other than supplying scraps of fabric!

The second photo is this NOT so fab sharpie-and-oven-baked mug that is based on a Pinterest pin - hummmm, don't think I'll bother trying this again!!!

I also released the inner 16 year old, and did my coloured project list for the holidays:

Sad, I know, but I'm happy now!  I know it looks small here, but it's OK, I have a coloured version blu-takked to my wall :-)


  1. Wow! Fantastic Pied Piper! Too bad about the mug. Enjoy your Easter break!

  2. Lol, okay, the Excel may be OTT now ;o) I was crap at revising at school though...

  3. Looking forward to the shed-clearing post already xxx

  4. I kind of miss the days when I had lovely charts like that. Well done.

  5. Such a neat chart Benta, you must be all set now to get those essays rattled off!


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