Monday 4 March 2013

Oh Dear

Just when I thought I'd be able to spend some time crafting, we get a phone call at school that Mr Ofsted wants to visit, tomorrow!  (Ofsted being the dept education who inspects schools).  So 5 hours extra at work today, collating all the forms we think he'll want to see, then two full days while he's there, followed by my normal full day on Thursday, and the start of a ten week teacher training (adult education) course on Thursday night!!!!

But I can cope, as I've then got two days with my bestie at the weekend and then half a day with my mummy next week, but not much blogging will happen for the next week or so


  1. Good luck with that, Benta. Look forward to seeing you back here when you get a chance :)

  2. Just as well you're good at being busy! Hope that Ofsted and your course all go well! x

  3. And breathe!!! I'm sure you will shine.

  4. Good luck! Hope it all goes well.


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