Sunday 31 March 2013

Easter List - day 3

I didn't manage everything on "The List", but I did manage to get a few things done, in between helping husband put in a new loo!

This is going to be a sample for Chertsey Museum - nor sure what to do next, felt and a button?

I started embroidering tshirts for the local pre-school

And then I started working on my plan for the Star Of Africa "House" block for Fiona.  Fiona wants houses.  My house is too boring for words, and I did think of doing Windsor Castle, but Nicky said she was planning on a castle.  So have I got anything else local that I can use for inspiration.

Well yes I have!  It's probably ironic given that I was thinking of a castle, but we have a lot of 'settled travellers' living in our village.  There is a long historic story involving the village church's graveyard, (particularly the lack of restrictions on grave decorations in the 'extension' graveyard) and this has resulted in a number of travellers settling here.

Although they mostly live in static or touring caravans, they do occasionally bring out the beautiful traditional caravans (or 'vardo') that traditionally would have been home to a family

Well, it's not finished yet - but here is the start of Fiona's block


  1. Installing a new loo in the shed so he can work there? :oD

    Loving the caravan

  2. Well done on the caravan a great idea! New loo??

  3. Looks fabulous Benta, I love it already!

  4. You are a busy lady! That flower is pretty cool. Thanks for the inspiration, and for loving on my socks to fingerless gloves post. What a sweetheart!


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