Sunday 3 March 2013

Building A Box

I did some playing today: and built a box

I started with 2 Fat Quarters, and cut two long strips from each (4 inches wide, by the length of the longest side, about 22 inches)
[Two FQs will make two boxes]

I cut each strip in half, and then I arranged four pieces into a cross shape like this

I stitched parts 1 and 2 together, and then parts 3 and 4 together

and then I stitched the 1&2 unit to the 3&4 unit.  I did the same with the second fabric, but actually had to re do the second fabric: as you can see below, the *correct* layout is to have one cross the mirror image of the other

I put the two crosses right sides together and stitched all round, leaving a small opening for turning.  I snipped the corners off the obtuse / external angles, and snipped into the acute / internal angles so I could turn the whole piece right sides out.  I used a chop stick to push the corners out, and then ironed it flat

I slip stitched the opening closed.  To create the box, I needed to slipstitch side A to side B (starting in the internal corner), then stitch side C to side D and carry on with the final two pairs of sides, right sides together

In joining the edges, I slipstitched along the inner two folds, the right sides, (brown in this photo) but for another box I used a whip stitch, I dont think there is much between the two stitches for this. 

This finishes to a box with a 5x5 base, about 4 inches high with a contrasting lining and no raw seams.
Now I just want to work out how I can fold it so I can post it without it arriving looking like a creased rag!


  1. You obviously enjoyed the above, but what about all the urgent things on your 'to do' list???

  2. Listen to Your Mum!!!
    Great method x

  3. Ha, love the comment from your mum!

  4. I think that your basket is very cute and ist must be alloved to play sometimes *smile*

  5. Lol, you're so like me! I always have the urge to make something new when there are lots of things I need to be doing ;o) Great tute, might give it a go!

  6. what a neat idea! very nice!

  7. Lovely boxes - I just imagine some of these sitting on my Easter table ? Thank you for a great idea !


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