Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bag Lady? Or Bucket Lady?

I had a bit of fun making a bucket bag today, a reversible bucket bag to be more precise!

I put a strip of pockets around the bottom, and adjustable straps. I'm rather chuffed with this but it seems a bit dark for (hopefully) spring.

Pockets on the outside: (the red is the top of the pocket and the pocket lining)

Plain on the inside

OR reversed so pockets on the inside

And adjustable straps


  1. Lots of boxes ticked with that bag Benta!

  2. Lotta techniques there, I've not tried adjustable strap yet... Well done!

  3. Lovely bag great to have lots of pockets!

  4. Fab Benta! I'd be chuffed with myself too :o)

  5. Great bag, you clever thing!


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