Thursday 25 April 2013

T-shirt Sweat Shop

Well the school football shirts finally got finished and delivered

A shame they went wrong and I had to spend an age hand sewing ten patches on, but the football coach is delighted , and I'll get paid, so all's well that ends well (-:

I then moved onto the next project: six tshirts for a group of teenagers doing the London to Brighton cycle ride in June.  A number of designs had been discussed, but in the end they went for this one - it was my favourite too

These are being stitched in my 'time off' - the time that I'm at home rather than at school.  I do usually work hard at school too, but today I took a little 'me' time and sat with my new friend - I've called her Sunshine

She came from one of a dozen eggs delivered, with an incubator, on Monday.  As I left school today six had already hatched - an amazing experience for the kids to actually see this happening in their classrooms!


  1. Well done on getting them done, and love your new friend - hope she didn't crap on your hand!

  2. You did great with the shirts, and how long will it be before that little one is ready to roast?

  3. Lovely t-shirts design! Sunshine v cute. Chicks at our school have all hatched this week, so we're under pressure to say 'yes' to some coming home. I think that the four we have are sufficient, though!

  4. Little chicks are so pretty. Glad you took a minute to play with one.

    Are you a teacher? I didn't realize that you work in a school.

  5. Glad you sorted out those shirts Benta. That chick looks very happy there :)

  6. Those shirts look great and that is such a cute chick!


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