Saturday 13 April 2013

UFOs & Mission Impossible - fact or fiction?

I have a rubbish memory for dates, (I have a rubbish memory full stop) but I know I started making a yellow and white quilt for a friend, S, and his girlfriend, T, and I know I met T when Niki was a baby - she is now nearly 19. Anyway, S and T split up not long after, and the quilt never got fully finished.  Half got completed and was used on the kitchen sofa - and got eaten by the rabbit, so that has long since gone, but while I was looking for something else in the shed I found the other half.

Oh boy have I learnt a lot since then!!!

I have declined to take close up photos as its only just passable from a distance!

I have chopped the remaining piece into 2- The first part is now assembled and quilted. My thought is that it may go the the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU), but they need everything washable at 60 degrees (c).   I'm washing it now, although I haven't put the binding on, to see if it copes with the hot wash

What I should be doing - is tidying Lisa's bedroom!

In 48 hours my cousin and her son arrive from Denver, on their way home to Kenya - and they need to be able to put their luggage in this room, AND sleep in it!  Anybody want to come and help with my Impossible Mission?


  1. Would love to :-)

  2. I'm sure it's character building examining our first efforts at things ;o)

    I'm sure it'll be more character building tackling that room, good luck!

  3. Argh. Kids bedrooms are the worst! And I had no idea rabbits ate quilts!?!

  4. I think your quilt looked brilliant, and it lasted longer than the relation of the recipients. I'm sure the hospital will be happy to have a quarter.
    THe bedroom will get tidied by miracle just in time. A deadline does that, isn't it.
    And the repairs were finished in our house but now I could paint the doors, and one wall needs a bit of plastering,... always something.
    Love your blog, will continue reading.

  5. That is such a pretty quilt. I hope it's ok with the wash :)


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