Tuesday 9 April 2013

Strings and Things 2

Also in the box of HST string squares there were 35 string squares.  I have no idea what I'd planned to do with them, but I'd been making them up from scraps from other quilt tops (all in the Before Blogging days)

Looking at lots of the fabrics, I can remember the quilt that I made, and who it was for - others I'd have sworn blind I'd never seen before, LOL

Anyway, I have long loved Nicky's (mrs Sew and sow) Fractured quilt, and I wondered whether these string blocks could make a colourful version of it

Here is Nicky's (hope it was OK to pinch a pic from your blog Nicky)

So I used her photo to create my own Scrappy Fractured:


  1. Busy girl - love the placement of these string blocks. x

  2. Oh my that's a bright one!!!! I'll just get my glasses. ;)

  3. That's a lot of stitching Benta - believe me I know! And thanks for the compliment!

  4. So now you're a bit strung up :oD

  5. This is wonderful! I love this design in all those colours :)


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