Monday 15 April 2013

School Football Shirts & Newspaper Charms

One of my tasks for the holidays was to embroider the school logo into the team football shirts, but I'd been putting it off - after all, it's not very exciting is it?

I have now completed the design work, and I've done some trial patches (they wanted some that they could sew onto track suits etc).  The patches have come out fine, so I was ready to risk stitching on the football shirts . . .  but . . .

Given that the I'll be stitching onto red and blue on the shirt, I couldn't decide what colour to use for the stitching?  Navy? Red? White? Black?

At the moment, indecisiveness is a good excuse not to start stitching yet!

So instead . . .  I have been cutting fabric.  It's only sort of for me.  I've joined another charm swap, this time for text fabric.  I'm actually contributing stash fabric.  I bought some fab newspaper print fabric in Amsterdam years ago.  I got it in heavy weight and in vinyl, then two years ago I was there again and got it it cotton, but I have been saving this for the right time.  So I have now cut my precious newspaper fabric into 56 charm squares, and I'm posting them to the lovely May.  She will received 55 similar bundles, and then will make 56 bundles of assorted fabrics, one for each of the group members.  If you are interested there may be places left, so hop on over and take a look


  1. You are going to have a fantastic collection of charms!

  2. Good luck with the shirts - any chance you can just sew a patch on?

  3. I'm with Katy. A patch on the shirt would look great.


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