Sunday 21 April 2013

Soccer surrender

I should have listened!

When I asked for suggestions for putting the badges onto football shirts the general advice was to stitch onto a patch and stitch the patch onto the shirts.

Well I ignored you

And I shouldn't have

To start with it went OK, not brilliant, but acceptable

But then . . .

I did all the usual, change the thread, change the bobbin, change the needle, but it still shredded the thread and made a pig's ear of the shirt.  So I've given up on 'my' idea, and I'm reverting to 'your' idea and will spend the evening stitching patches onto football shirts.



  1. Im so sorry. Wish I lived near by and could come help.

  2. So annoying when it doesnt go right!!

  3. Sorry about that! I really wasn't joking about the chafing with embroidery either

  4. Not great for you - well done for being dedicated!


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