Monday 29 April 2013

Chunky Chevrons

I managed to spend some time sewing on Sunday, and then a bit of time quilting (!!!!) and here is Chunky Chevrons in Yellow.  I cut half a dozen yellow fabrics (mostly FQs) into 5 inch strips and then started with a triangle off centre along one side of a fleece blanket.

The strips were then added (right sides together, stitch and flip method) on alternating sides until the fleece was full.

I then echo quilted each side of each chevron with more or less straight lines, and also a few extra echoes on every other one

Now I just need to get some more yellow for a binding!


  1. Sounds like a nice simple plan

  2. Looks beautiful. Nice quilting

  3. I like the chevron pattern, you make it look easy!

  4. Love your colour choices ! Great little quilt - and yes, I think a yellow binding would be perfect ;-))

  5. Love your chevron design, very original to me, and it must be quick. I would like to see it with the binding on.


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