Wednesday 3 April 2013

Super Squishies

After a one-to-one patchwork lesson yesterday, today I was teaching computing to my lovely 75 year old neighbour, Vivien, who is terrified of her computer.  We went right back to basics; starting with how to switch on.  We have composed an email, and replied to one, but I suspect what she'll remember is that my phone has more processing power than the computers than controlled the Apollo space missions - hey ho, we'll see how she gets on!

I came back home after my hours with her to a squishie!!!!

It was from The Village Haberdashery  (I love the spotty envelope almost as much as I love the fabrics!)  A week or so ago, Nicky at Mrs Sew and Sow blogged that Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting was hosting a Rainbow Charm Swap.  The idea is that 56 people each buy 2m of fabric in a colour they have been allocated.  They cut this into 56 5 inch squares, and send them to Cindy - Cindy then makes 56 piles, each with one square of each fabric, and send the new piles out to each of the original 56 (hope that makes sense).

I rushed to signup - but I was number 57!  HOWEVER, someone dropped out, so I was in - YIPPEE!!!!!!

So you see, I HAD to buy 2m of purple fabric (my allocated colour), hence the Crosshatch (top) fabric, and as I was having to pay P&P anyway, I might as well get some more

I did also manage *some* making today - my 'official tester' (the lovely Jackie) managed to improve on the fabric flower that I tried to make a few days ago, and from her instructions I managed to make this

I also tried a new (to me) method of applique  (can I please mention that Mr Owl's wings are actually orangy yellow, NOT fluorescent green)

I used the 'bounce' method - stitch the fabric to s sheet of bounce from the tumble drier, then cutting a slit in the bounce sheet and turning the whole lot through the hole.  Having tried needle turn and freezer paper before, I have to say this is my preferred method.

I now have five samples for the museum so they advertise the Fun With Fabric classes for the summer, so that is another few boxes I can tick off the list :-)


  1. I love the owl and will be trying the bounce method myself! Lovely flower too, good instructions then LOL!

  2. Ha, I only added in an FQ to my swap order ;o)

    Now you get a fragranced cushion too!

  3. I´ve read about this applique method, but what can we use if we don't have bounce sheets? -not even clothes dryer, :-) - Could lightweight muslin or interfacing perform the same?

  4. Dont you LOVE it when a parcel is wrapped in a fun way? makes it TWICE the fun xx I am in that swap too... Im in the blue group x Will look out for your purple suare xx

  5. Fabric shop owners conspiracy I reckon, but as Cindy and Annie are so lovely, it's only right to swap money for fabric !!

  6. Nice choice, I'm in the pink group but I ordered from the US so I'm really hoping it arrives in time!

  7. Squishy fabric mail, the best kind of packages! Although when they attract an £8 Royal Mail admin fee they lose some of their attractiveness :(

  8. Haha blame me then Benta! Good choices and it is not right to resist temptation all the time! Is it?


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