Monday 28 October 2013

Gone Fishin'

No, I haven't really gone fishin' - yuck! But there is a boy who was almost part of our family for quite a long time (the only boy I childminded from a baby - the only boy whose nappy I have changed) who is a very keen fisherman.  He turns 13 later on this week, and this is his birthday pressie:

Hope he likes it.

I've also started on customer embroidery orders: One finished for Chertsey Museum, seven more to go - at half an hour each!!!

I prefer to stay nearby while the machine is working, but at 29 minutes each, it can be quite boring, so I am working on a secret project.  Doesn't the back look lovely - it's the first time I've hand quilted a quilt. 

It is hand pieced too, but the binding will be stitched by machine to the front, and by hand to the back


  1. Your secret project looks very interesting! Well done on making a start on the polo shirts.

  2. Ha, very good.

    I know all about babysitting machines, I've been working since Thursday morning, apart from when I've slept, which isn't really saying much...

  3. I'm sure that 'your' boy will love his top. THe CM shirts look nice - even if time consuming! Looking forward to seeing your secret project!


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