Thursday 31 October 2013

Still plodding

Annoyingly the next customer has chosen the same dark red  from fruit of the loom, but these are sweatshirts rather than poloshirts, and a much quicker-to-stitch logo

So while babysitting the machine during this lot I managed to get the Christmassy fabric stitched into nine patches, then cut into quarters

And all trimmed to size

And even completed the sweatshirts

Next I need to see what's in these two bags - they seem quite light so maybe not too  much work, and hopefully these will be their usual navy not *more* dark red!

Still the list is getting shorter


  1. You certainly have this machine babysitting lark down to a tee Benta!

  2. All those shirts! What a job. At least you can alternate with the Christmas quilt.

  3. christmas blocks getting more interesting xx

  4. It's a race to the finish now between the blocks and the embroidery :oD

  5. I love watching the list get shorter.....funny though, the line never seems to come to an end.

  6. Wow you get so much done Benta!


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