Sunday 27 October 2013

Weekend Roundup

I went to see mum yesterday: she lives just over an hour from me, just outside Port Solent which is a marina outside Portsmouth.  The marina has plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants, and has just opened a crafty shopping area too, so we had to go and visit.

No fabric shops, but a lady selling card making supplies managed to take some money off me

There was also a lady selling, and making, glass beads suitable for Troll, Pandora etc bracelets.  I have bought the girls one each for Christmas, but what was really great was being able to watch their beads being made: white with three red hearts

And red with three white hearts

Today I was expecting to teach Sunday School, but no kids turned up at church, so I had a lovely morning listening to the service from the mezzanine floor, checking all the felt tips work,

And tidying the Sunday School corner


  1. I love the glass beads and well done on the tidy up, a great feeling when it's done :-)

  2. Well of course you had to visit a crafty area and support them!

    Trying out all the felt tips? That's the best excuse I've ever heard for not sitting with the grown ups ;o)

  3. Good to see you are doing your bit for the local economy Benta!


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