Thursday 17 October 2013

Marvellous Mosaics

As well as the great patchwork designs on the floors at the Vatican (see yesterday's post), there were some lovely mosaics that resembled quilt designs:

There was also some, um, *interesting* parking

And these four ladies that I travelled with

sporting these bags, made by moi :-)

We did of course do all the touristy locations (tip: book ahead then walk smugly past all the saps joining five hour queues!)

but I dont think I need to see another Roman ruin, ever!

Got to go now, as I'm picking Jackie up from the airport soon - three whole days of sewing and chatting and making and fun :-)


  1. Oh good, you and Jackie can start writing that book together then :oD Have fun!

  2. Have fun.There are awesome places!

  3. The driving in Italy always reduced my husband to a nervous wreck for a couple of days on our holidays, there until he embraced his inner Italian so that parking doesn't surprise me in the least!

  4. Have fun! As if you weren't going to...ha!

  5. Well i know you are having a fun evening - looks like a blast in Rome too xxx


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