Monday 21 October 2013

Wonderful Weekend (part 2)

On Saturday Jackie and I managed to visit 2 fabric shops!  The first one was a bit of a gamble - in a village called Cowley there used to be an underground fabric shop (in a basement unit in an industrial estate): a real cave of dressmaking and upholstery fabrics with some other random items thrown in.  I had been told that it had moved to a ground floor unit, so I thought I was worth a try.

The new shop is real Aladdin's Cave - the same strange mix but with patchwork and bag fabrics, including vinyl, added.  Upstairs there are two classroom (one with a gazebo set up in one half with jaunty gingham curtains!) and classes held quite regularly.

We (obviously) had to support the shop in its move: Jackie bought the makings of a Christmas garland, and I'm going to make a Christmas quilt from these lovely fabrics (sorry Hadley, normally I'm with you on brown, but this one really appealed to me)

We also popped into my friend Helen's log cabin / workshop / fabric shop and Jackie bought the makings of this Christmassy wall hanging

Later we looked at this EPP project that Jackie is working on (I L.O.V.E. the fabric choices) and arranged all the hexies, squares and triangles into this arrangement

And there may have been some chatting and some *more* baking (buttermilk scones if you want to know, and yes, they were yummy)


  1. what a fabulous way to spend a day out with a friend xx

  2. Hmm, fabric shopping, chatting and baking. Yup, you two had a terrible time together ;o)

  3. Sounds like the perfect week-end to share with a friend.

  4. Forgiven, it is Christmas;)
    Great weekend xxx

  5. Scones and fabric shopping, a great combination :)

  6. Shopping with friend,that`s great.Have fun playing with your new goodies!!


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