Friday 25 October 2013

Liberty Love

A while ago Jackie gave me a pack of liberty fabrics, and I started to make a bag with them, and then put it aside for a while, well today I got so fed up with my every-day bag that I finished off the liberty bag, and I love it

Big enough to take all my cr@p

with a double pocket on the outside (fairly well camouflaged)

Can you see them now?

And although I doubt if I will reverse it, it is lined with this lovely My Folklore fabric that I adore

And has several internal pockets  as shown by these sheets of paper tucked into them.

Not so obvious, there is also a dog clip on a bit of ribbon stitched into the top seam - I don't feel the need to have a zip on my bags, but I do like to have my purse deep down and clipped to the bag

I received a fab package a few days ago from the lovely Fiona at Celtic Thistle.  She hosted the Holiday Memories mini quilt festival, and although I wasn't one of the winners (gosh they were amazing) I was lucky enough to be sent a pack of Aurifil threads in lovely summery sorbet colours, thank you Fiona


  1. A Liberty bag, how lovely Benta you will be the most stylish bag lady around :)

  2. Beautiful! Liberty always looks amazing.


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