Sunday 6 October 2013

Random Roundup, and a Reminder

Just a few random thoughts, and pictures.

First a reminder that the voting for Fiona's Holiday Memories Mini Quilt Competition is now open.  Just click here and you can vote for your favourite mini quilt in each category - just click on the heart above the one you like best
As well as celebrating my birthday over several days, pressies carried on arriving too - I was so spoilt!  Jackie sent me this fab notebook, and a hexi necklace,

and I got a voucher to visit the Shard, and to have afternoon tea at Tower Bridge, lucky me

And as our church harvest festival is today it seems appropriate that the field behind my house was being harvested yesterday:  I heard the combine harvester and took a pic before it got into sight, it was taking a while, so I went and put the kettle on

Before coffee

After coffee!


  1. Enjoy the harvest festival xx

  2. Wonderful presents, Benta! Have a great day! x Teje

  3. Sneaky tractor driver, and a bit of a sneaky Jackie too ;)

  4. Such a beautiful notebook! And quick work by the farmer.

  5. Needing more instructions on the 'click here' part, as I can't see where to get to the piccies of the quilts.....or vote! That was either a long coffee or a fast combine harvester! x


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