Tuesday 29 October 2013

Late Night Sewing

I had two fun evening sewing sessions last week: my friend Linda came round and we spent an evening putting the world to rights, and cutting into this pile of pashminas

and this pile of woven (some slightly scratch) scarves

and a short time later had this collection of mostly infinity scarves

 Not on any list, but some Christmas presents sorted all the same (is it OK to add to a to-do list and then straight away cross off as completed?)

I've now found a whole load more scarves - when are you coming back Linda?

The second evening was at Chertsey Museum: Chertsey Chicks!  Using the lovely Plum's 'recipe' again the ladies made chicks and a strawberry (there is always one who cant do as she's told!)

Pretty cute aren't they


  1. Good job ticking off the Christmas pressie list!

  2. I love putting things on the to do list that are already done so as I can tick them off straight away...that's how things on my list get ticked off!

  3. Well, of course you can add something to a list just so that you can tick it off straight away, isn't that how lists work :)

    Great scarves!

  4. I agree with the list making theories above! These scarves and chicks are looking great :)


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