Friday 4 January 2013

Blinking Blogger

For some reason, Google + seems to have reset me as a NoReply blogger.  I have followed Jennifer's advise and un-Plused me.  Hope this works!

I have added the button to the side bar, but if you need it, here is the link


  1. Bu**er Blogger - having nothing but trouble lately here to.
    Does ANYONE know how to remove people from the reading list?
    Easy to add - IMPOSSIBLE to remove?
    (Please email me if info).

  2. They did the same thing to me in the past! Wish they would leave us alone!

  3. Now that makes sense. I keep getting people I know turn up as Anonymous in my spam folder - then I select 'this is not spam' then I get loads of spam in my inbox :(

    I really want to change my primary email address to - guess what - my real name or my rainbowhare email but impossible! I don't want to delete my whole profile because I'll lose my blogs and I won't even be able to make another one with the same name because they'll say someone's got it already...

    End of rant! And Happy New Year!

  4. I had the same issues with Google +. Bummer


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