Tuesday 29 January 2013

Hooked on Hexies

I made 6 hexi flowers quite a while ago,

from fabric left over from a few table runners I made for my uncle and his wife a few years ago. 

I planned to make the hexi flowers into another table runner for them which I could deliver in person as we'll see them when we go to Norway next month

My vague though was that this could be a hand sewing project on the holiday, ready for seeing them at the end, but then plans changed, and we are seeing them on our first day. (Did I tell you I was going to Norway?  To the Arctic Circle?)

Ooops, I'd better get one with it then

The plan is to have a reversible runner, *hopefully* with the hexi flowers so perfectly lined up that the quilting will each both sides - don't hold your breath, but this is progress so far: 1.5 flowers stitched to the solid kona fabric


  1. Looking great! I'll be interested to see how you go lining them up - that sort of thing terrifies me ;o)

  2. Anyone would think you're going away!!! lol

    I fished out my hexies a couple of days ago too. Funny that. ;)

  3. Wow Benta - you sure turn out a lot of interesting stuff.

  4. Those fabrics go so well together Benta it will be a great table runner when you are finished.

  5. Cool! When I'm lining up things where I need both sides to meet at a precise point, I poke a lot of pins through to match up against - it's a bit spiky as a solution, but it seems to work...

  6. Looking lovely - remember to leave time to prepare another project to take with you, though!


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