Sunday 20 January 2013

Paper Piecing Project

I'm following two bloggers as they share their paper piecing skills.  Kristy, From Quiet Play is keeping her designs to sewing themed, while Katy, the Littlest Thistle, is going for a kitchen theme.

I've completed Kristy's January project: fabric and a tape measure, and today I was working on Katy's January project: a kitchen shelf with bottles on it.  I'd like to combine these blocks into a sewing themed wall hanging, so I adapted the bottles slightly:


  1. Adaptation? Mon dieu! Great idea, and glad you could make something to fit both. Can't wait to see how you get the kitchen sink in though when we get there... ;o)

  2. That looks beautiful, Benta! I wanted to join them, too - but where my time goes? x Teje

  3. Great way to adapt for what you need, Benta! It looks fabulous.

  4. these look great Benta, very realistic.


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