Sunday 27 January 2013

Working Weekend

Lots of creating this weekend, but none of it stuff that was particularly my choice, although it had the benefit of earning money, so I didn't mind  TOO much!

One of my friends runs a transport company, and I do the machine embroidery on the company uniforms for her: she left a voice mail last week asking if I could do some embroidery . . .  I didn't expect quite such large boxes!

She also decide that the team needed a new logo for the new year, so that took a bit of time to design.  I am pleased though, as the old font was Times New Roman, and it's horrible to stitch - I managed to persuade her to change it this time!

Each one just take 6 minutes stitching time, but it needs to be hooped first, then attached to the machine; stitched; unhooped; stitches trimmed, stabiliser removed; next one hooped . . . a bit of a sweatshop!
(Still, I managed to type this post while I did 8 fleeces, so *some* multi-tasking!)

I'd also had a request from one of the teachers at school.  She has a 6 year austic child in her class - his main problem is not being able to sit still.  She found a 'shoulder weight' which claims to work, but was quite pricey for an experiment . . . could I make one.  This is the pic she gave me

And this is my version of it.  I used a cast off pair of cord trousers as the base, and added some pleated fabric and then some velvet to give him some texture to explore
It's like a scarf, but with Velcro openings so we can put weighted bean bags (in this case plastic bags of kitty litter as that's what I had) which have the effect of pulling the whole upper body down a bit: actually very soothing, like a heavy blanket at bedtime, or an extra quilt on the bed. 


  1. I love some people's idea of 'some' work ;o) Interesting idea with the shoulder weight

  2. Quire the production line Benta! Hope you get them all done. Very interesting about the shoulder weight. I like that you added some texture to yours.

  3. You have to earn your play time B!! Lol. And the shoulder weight, and being tactile, is an interesting idea! I do hope it works.

  4. Such a good idea to make the shoulder weight tactile. It sounds very comfortable. I hope the child likes it :)

  5. Do you make shoulder weights for husbands? Mine has to be 'doing' (cleaning cars and motor bike, hoovering, gardening, bird feeding, work, work, work)- drives me mad when all I want to do is read the Sunday papers.
    You really are a one woman factory!

  6. Still I think you are very productive, and you are demonstrating that do it yourself is sometimes better than buying at a high price. I am sure the child will be pleased.

  7. Very clever idea and well done with the sweat shop!

  8. Good work, and the weighted scarf sounds like a really interesting concept!

  9. How interesting! Weighted duvets I know about, but I've not come across weighted scarves..... looks like you've made a beauty!


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