Saturday 5 January 2013

Easily Distracted

I've been have a email chat with Nicky, aka Mrs Sew and Sow about starting a new group.  She's going to have to find a snappier name for the group: it's working title is the

Can'tfinishthethingI'msupposedtobedoingstartsomethingelseinstead Group. 

I've not been much help with the title, but I certainly qualify.

Today the tax return should have been high on my list, and I have a few things left on "The List" that weren't needed for Christmas, but still need to be done.

Instead I worked on the Spiral Rainbow:

And when I got bored with that, I did the first block from the And Sew On paper piecing project: Measure Twice (and cut once)

I'm sure the tax man will understand?


  1. Ooooh I would be so interested in that group! A although I usually don't have the cant finish something excuse, I just like shiny new projects ;o)

  2. The tax man understands nothing, trust me!

  3. The tax man needs to become a patchworker...he would be a far nicer person because we know that all patchworkers are lovely people! I love the rainbow colours

  4. Lol, the tax man is on my list for next weekend

  5. I recognise that group description, describes me to a tea! I call it the "butterfly approach" flitting from one project to another :)

  6. Hmm. Before I can do my tax I need to do my filing. Before I can do the filing I need to clear my worksurface. Before I can clear the worksurface I need to tidy the craft room. Before I can tidy the craft room, apparently, I need to sit down and catch up with your blog......! xx

  7. Hello Benta, yes I think I would belong in that group as well, maybe I'll join if this happens. Great block by the way.

  8. I need to be in this group! hehe The spiral rainbow is amazing!!


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