Saturday 12 January 2013

Stripping and Speed Dating With My Daughter

No, not that kind of stripping, OR that kind of speed dating!

When you left me yesterday, Lisa had come home feeling poorly. 

After TCL, and cat cuddles . . .

(two dozen patchwork quilts in the house and I photograph her with a shop bought knitted blanket, sigh!)

. . .  she was up stripping wallpaper in the kitchen

. . .  and helping me speed date some quilt blocks.

Thank you sweetie x x x

These blocks started off as a 'will this work?' project with a few blocks

Then went into mass production with 2.5" pink or turquoise strips being sandwiched with black, 

Then being cross cut into 2.5 wide three patch blocks (and added to 2.5" x 6.5" pink, and turquoise strips)

And finally being speed dated into a woven pattern . . .

. . . which will hopefully look better once it is stitched.  There are enough blocks to make another one too, but it would have been much easier to use one pink and one turquoise fabric - not three of each!.  The second one will also be woven but the fabric will vary along the 'ribbons': switching between batik, dotty and plain.

I've got a good idea where these quilts are going too (no, NOT on the UFO pile) but I'll tell you about that tomorrow


  1. So pleased you explained that heading!

    Sounds like the TLC and cat cuddles worked a trick.

  2. good girl... will make her feel better in no time xx

  3. So she's feeling better then... ;o)

  4. O my! Child labour! Seems to have been a good cure! You've both done a fab job :)

  5. Wow, your mama care is super speedy!

  6. Next time I feel ill I shall remember to stay away from you incase you make me work!

  7. Oh clever idea - love the woven look. Obviously your looking after skills are supreme if your daughter got better so quickly :o)

  8. Lovely woven blocks and well done on nursing her back to health so quickly!

  9. Kitty cuddling always makes me feel better too.


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