Wednesday 9 January 2013

Darn Distraction

Most of you assured me that the tax man would be understanding that I had chosen patchwork over filling in his boring paperwork, but Hadley didn't think he would be quite so accomodating.  Given that she works for the man himself I had to pay *some* attention to her comment.

So I did a little bit of tax return, and then got distracted again!

And I cut a whole load of squares for a Boys' Toys quilt 


  1. It is all about balance, a little bit of the tax return deserves a little bit of craftiness for relief!

  2. Very important you give in to your crafty side it helps your mindset for the tax forms... No, really it does!

  3. Oh good, can you do mine now please? ;o)

  4. Nothing wrong with working a little and playing a little. : )

  5. Done mine and now I can quilt. DH kept me supplied with cups of tea and then bacon sandwiches which I think should be tax deductible!!


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