Thursday 8 September 2011

10 minutes here, 15 minutes there. . .

10 minutes here, 15 minutes there . . . does add up to some sewing and embroidery!

I did these embroideries for a customer, for her son and his fiance's wedding.

I made these scissor tags for the Mug Rug swap goodies

And this is the starting of a mug rug for a partner who likes autumn shades: hope she likes it


  1. Those are cool scissor tags and those autumn shades look great :)

  2. Oh scissor tags!! Brilliant - do you do 'Biscuit tags' that all say 'Mum's'!?
    Bonne Voyage x

  3. Not a bad collection of minutes then! Have to say it took me a few minutes to work out what scissor tags were (well, it is midnight lol) but now I've twigged, great idea! My ones are quite easy to distinguish, and given that the flatmate doesn't venture into my sewing room, I think mine are safe. I do know someone that has been wailing lately about her best bear-cutting-out scissors having gone walkies though, I'll have to suggest this idea to her

  4. Great stuff! You know, my kids (ha ha) are 22 and 24 and they still ask permission to use scissors! I used to threaten them with all sorts if they ever went near my scissors. Not because they might hurt themselves you understand.... Lol.

  5. They're lovely and bright scissor tags, I guess that scissors shouldn't get lost with those attached. I bet I could still lose them!
    I used to use the few odd minutes with sewing and I was reminded of this by my quilting friends just a few weeks ago. That was when I had fixed hours, now I work flexi and leave early in the morning so no few minutes here and there. I gets more difficult then to fit in sewing time when I get home.


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