Thursday 1 September 2011

And a lovely Thursday

Today I went shopping with Niki.

We started with a Starbucks - hot chocolate with LOTS of cream!

We bought far too much staff (daren't show it here in case 'he' pops in to have a look!) but tops, trousers, shoes, bras . . . in our defence, mostly from Primark, so negligible costs!

We then came home to find Mr Postie had delivered these great storage boxes: ideal for lesson planning, so I know all the samples and printed sheets are together for the next group

And these from Jaycotts - brother embroidery threads, a new hoop, a stitch ripper (where do they go?) and a cant-leave-the-blade-out rotary cutter for classes

I also got the first Goodie swap mug rug finished, including hand quilting and binding.  One more mug rug and two 'goodies' to go, but I've got three weeks, so even I should be OK!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Two great days in a row, right?

  2. Too much shopping sounds great, (my 3 now want hot chocolate!), and the mug rug looks great. Brilliant day x

  3. Looks like a good day to me!

    Are those your toes in shoes this time??

  4. The hot chocolate looks great and I love the storage


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