Sunday 11 September 2011

Brief Post - lots of photos!

We've just got back from a  great weekend in Paris - Versailles in fact.

Not much sight seeing, but we get to see Notra Dame (this was a favourite movie when the girls were younger!)

And the Palace of Versailles, although we didn't have time to go inside

The priority was to attend this girl's graduation! 

Our lovely Slavka (see her for the Romantic Story and how she was brought back into our family) was there for her Graduation: receiving her Open University Masters Degree

The weather was fantastic (29c, blue skies and sunshine) what we saw of the Palace of Versailles was amazing, and the ceremony was perfect: fun, but acknowledging the hard work all the students had put in, and long enough to feel it wasn't rushed, and short enough not to get boring.

Slavka and Scott

After the ceremony we gave her the quilt I'd made her, and then we went for a lovely meal

Slavka with Petra, and her Mum, Anna

Slavka, Anna and Lucia (who came to our friends as an Au Pair 16 years ago, when Slavka came to us)

Terri (Brian's sister), Scott and I

Most of today was spent travelling - four separate train journeys - but I managed to get the quilting finished on the Mug Rug, and now I'm ready for bed!!!

The hand quilting on the mug rug

And a photo of me and him, in our Sunday Best!!!!


  1. Sounds and looks like a really fun trip; now come back to reality x

  2. So when are you going back to really visit Versailles? We haven't managed it yet either. Looks like you all had a lovely day and it's good to see you and 'Him' together!

  3. Shee looks sooo happy - how great you were able to join her for graduation! And the quilt you gave her is adorable!

  4. Sounds like a really good weekend - glad the weather was good and everything went according to plan. Give me a ring when you get your feet back on the ground. LOL xxx


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