Tuesday 20 September 2011

more mindless sewing

I have carried on with the dark red blocks and the pink and green pinwheels today.

I've got 48 red blocks, and I think it will work to arrange them on point (at 45 degrees) - I'll lay them out on my 'design bed' tomorrow and see if they work as I expect

I have done the pinwheels: most are stitched and pressed, a few just need the final seam sewing.  I seem to have ended up with 13 of these which is NO good for a quilt.  I guess it will be a 3 x 4 quilt with one block in the orphan drawer!

I also made things with these three fabrics, but they are being posted as surprises, so no details about what they are or who they are for until after they have been received!


  1. Oh busy you!!
    That sewing/mannequin fabric looks rather fab x

  2. Boy it looks like you got a ton done! And I agree with FB, that sewing tools fabric looks brilliant :-)

  3. At least you are doing sewing, mindless or otherwise. Looking forward to seeing outcomes!

  4. Great pinwheels and your red blocks are looking very good.


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