Thursday 22 September 2011

MORE cutting and sewing

I'm obviously in the mood for piecing at the moment.  (If you saw that amount of stuff that husband has on the dining table you would see why I'm not basting anything at the moment!)

I have been asked to make two quilts (which I will get paid for :-) for babies due about Christmas time.  One will be a boy, so blue please, and the other will be a surprise, so creams for that one.  I have an idea for the cream (but no fabric) I saw a vanishing 9 patch where the un-cut squares were 9 patches, or pinwheels, or HSTs so I think that will be the idea for that one.

For the blue quilt, I took a big gulp and started to cut into the Sweetwater Pure fabrics I got a while ago (get me, quoting fabric design names!)

There was enough for two quilt tops, each about a metre square, of a random brick wall design
The tops have been sewn into strips, not flimsies, as I will join the strips to each other and to the wadding and backing as part of the basting / quilting stage.  (Have a look at this post to follow my lazy quilt as you go shortcut).  Most of my recent quilts have gone straight onto a fleece blanket, but these two will have wadding and backing, so I just have to go to the shop to get the creams and the backing fabric - such a shame!!!


  1. Oh, Benta! Yes, look at you quoting the names of fabric lines :)

    Yay for getting paid to do what you love, and such a shame you HAVE to go shop for fabric. What a pity.

    Glad to see you getting some sewing done.

  2. Pure is a lovely line and will look perfect x
    Happy shopping x

  3. You HAVE to go to the shop? Such a terrible shame, *sniff*

  4. I feel really sorry for you "having" to go to shopping for more fabric, you have a very hard life LOL

  5. Benta I love the fabrics you have chosen, it will make a great quilt. I still think you do a lot.


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