Saturday 3 September 2011

Beautiful summer day

We live in an area which is two villages within a few square miles.  Maybe once upon a time (both churches date back over 800 years) they were separate, but now it is difficult to tell where one ends and the other starts unless you are local.

Each village has a Summer Fair, one in June, one in July, and the larger village also holds a Garden party in early September: arranged by the church, and held in the gardens of the closest thing we have to a Lord Of the Manor (tongue in cheek, he would laugh if he read that!)

Anyway I got no sewing done today as I spent the day at the Garden Party on one of the church stalls, selling Mocktails.  for the 4th year running we have had the most marvelous weather, and the fancy dress and the children's races and the other activities have gone off without a hitch, and my First Aid responsibilities were not put to the test (phew)

So i just thought I'd show you a photo of the Garden Party in full swing,

and of our stall area after we have taken down the gazebo etc - aren't the hedges amazing!

One giggle I wanted to share with you: My friend Sharon's daughter Katie is 26 or so, and a mum, but 15 years ago she regularly came to our  Sunday School.  I saw her today and we had a lovely chat - suddenly she said "you'll never guess, I'm starting sewing lessons in a few weeks"  I then realised she was signed up for the Adult & Community lessons I am teaching on Wednesdays . . . we shrieked with delight and did a huggy sort of dance . . . and then realised we were being watched by her mum and dad and brother and son, and my husband and daughter, and another couple of hundred people - I don't care, LOL, I am so happy that (a) someone has signed up, and (b) I'll know someone there!  And it helps that Katie is LOVELY!!!!


  1. *sigh* this is when living in a big city is not so fun, none of these cool village fairs and things. Those hedges are awesome too! Hope your class goes well :o)

  2. Oh b*gger it has just started raining here :( - I love those hedges!

  3. If distance wasn't an issue I'd sign up too!


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