Wednesday 21 September 2011

Design Bed problems

I tried to arrange the red blocks today, but the largest (clear) horizontal surface surface at home is my bed - and that isn't big enough to lay out all the blocks!  So the red "Cricket Stumps" quilt will have to wait until I can either get to mum's or to my nearest patchwork workroom.

I did spend a bit of time preparing some cotton for a quilt project a friend is planning.  I cut the cotton into 8 inch squares and have bundled them up with fabric pens for people to decorate before I get them back to join together.
Hopefully nothing significant will be lost in the seam allowance .... do you think they'll get the message!


  1. lol that should be crystal...

  2. Why would she want a quilt with that written on?


  3. I love how you get you message across!!

  4. Good idea!!! Hopefully they will read it.

  5. Hi Benta! Looks clear enough! I hope you can fix your blocks soon so we can see how it's going to be! Often it's difficult to find a place where to lay out blocks.
    Have a lovely time!
    xxx Teje


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