Sunday 4 September 2011

Real Life Vs Virtual Life!

What a great day!

Hadley and I 'met' in the virtual world towards the end of last year thanks to Annabel Serendipity (how are you sweetie?) but finally met today in real life.  Despite the pouring rain, we had a great time: we explored a county house-cum-museum, loved the embroidery and textile exhibition that was on there, and (surprise surprise) managed to do our bit to help the British economy by buying a few bits and pieces!

We both totally forgot to use our camera's while we were there, so I have no photographic evidence, bt we did meet and we did have fun!

Hadley made me (and beautifully wrapped)  a lovely felt brouch that perfectly matched my top

and I bought some felted, um, things, and some dyed silk (sooo soft) and some silk thread which I will use to do some hand quilting on the textures quilt (as I think mum has the DMC thread that I bought on Friday at the wool shop!)

For the sake of those of you who regularly read both our blogs, I shall try not to duplicate too much, as you can (and should) read about the day here from Hadley's point of view, but I must share the most amazing coincidence . . .

(Hello Sem, if you have come to visit)

Last Wednesday I went to Greenwich - Lisa and I mooched around the market and the independent arty and crafty shops that border it, and got drawn into an art shop by a drunkard's path quilt that was hanging there.  It was a lovely quilt made of lots of different fabrics, mostly in shades of subtle yellows, all sewn together by hand, with lots of curved seams.  

Now fast forward to today

Hadley and I got ourselves a cuppa and a slice of (very yummy) cake, and asked to join a lady at a table with spare seats.  She asked if we were patchworkers, as she was a weaver, but had ventured into patchworking recently.  (Hello, Sem, hope I got the name right) 

We had a lovely long chat, during which time it transpired that she was from Greenwich.  I started to tell her about the lovely yellow quilt Lisa and I had seen there, when I realised that her recent venture into patchwork . . .[yes I know, you are already there, but I was a bit slower,] was THE drunkard's path that we'd seen.  

After that realisation I went into talk-and-talk-and-talk mode to prevent my brain making too many connections - Lisa and I have a terrible tendancy to be critical of other people's work, but we had come away with ony one negative thought last week - The quilt was for sale, but what were the chances of anyone who had just the right room for it, and the right money for it,  actually seeing it in this tiny little art shop?  We felt sorry for the quilter who had made it.  It really was a lovely quilt, and the curves were all perfect, and the pattern was subtle . . . and our sympathy was misplaced as Sem has sold it!

Sem I hope you do get in touch, I'd love to meet up again next time I'm in Greenwich!

And a final apology to anyone who can spell . . . I cant, and spell check is ignoring me, so sorry for any errors!


  1. Sounds like a fun day, and amazing coincidence!

  2. Glad youse had a good day out :-) (and didnt get into too much trouble)

  3. Sounds as if you've had a really good time to finish off the holiday (sorry, but I have not got your thread). Hope work is not too much of a shock to the system.


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